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3" 6 Plated Reflux Tower


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Our exclusive 3" hand made tower assembly includes the following:

1- 5 1/2" Spacer

6 - 3" Body Sections

1 - 3" Dephlegmator

1 - 2.5"stem thermostate

1 - 3"x2" reducer Cap

1 - 2" Loop Over

1 - 3" Secondary Condensor

1 - Parrot

8 - 3" Sillicone Gaskets

2 - 2" Silicone Gaskets

6 - Site Glass O-Rings

6 - 2" Site Glasses

8 - 3" Tri-Clamps

8 - 2" Tri-Clamps

6 - 3" Copper Perforated Down Combers

A reflux still does multiple distillations in one single run, by adding a dephlegmator (a type of condenser) and perforated plates, the vapor passing through the dephlegmator and condenses sending the liquid back down through the column and perforated plates. The boiler pressure keeps the copper perforated plate full of condensed ethanol and allows the ethanol to dance on top of the perforated plate causing the liquid to separate the heavier undesirable chemicals and water back down into the boiler.  This allows for a greater percent of alcohol the first run.  there are many types of reflux columns but we feel that the dephlegmator and plate system is the best.This unit will also require a boiler, temp controller, as well as water tubing, control stops, and thermostats that you can also purchase from our site.